Overview of our
treatment process

Treatment of produced water, flowback water, oil/gas field waste waters including rejected SWD loads.
Nano-technology ozone - lightning in a bottle.
Proprietary blend of non-hazordous chemicals.
Elegantly simple filtration.
Pure bacteria and hydrocarbon free salt water.
Reverse osmosis system to irrigation water quality.
Environmentally Safe - Preserves vital natural water resources for current & future generations.
Gallo Canyon Site New Mexico
Test conducted at the Gallo Well in New Mexico


Our patented water treatment process has been validated by the National Laboratories.

The link below is a report which documents the effectiveness of our technology.

Testing took place in the San Juan Basin at M&M Production and Operations' Gallo wellsite, Sandoval.

The objective was to assist with the implementation of a pre-treatment process of oil & gas production water, to overcome membrane fouling problems for reverse osmosis processing and to achieve irrigation water quality effluent.

On completion of the field test, Sandia Labs issued a report which validated our technology's superiority versus 54 other similar technologies available for the preparation of oil and gas waste waters for reverse osmosis.

Our technology is protected by two US Patents and a number of pending patents.

Granted Patents: 9845253 / 9815716

Pending Patent Applications: 20190248689 / 20160221848 / 20150368137 / 20150218020 / 20120279925


Eau Resources has teamed up with Lake Country FracWater Specialists, LLC to provide cutting edge technology.

Lake Country FracWater Specialists, LLC began operations in Pennsylvania in 2009 in answer to the growth of the Marcellus Shale Play and the associated management of the unique flow back and produced waters from that formation. 

Subsequent to commencing operations in Northern Pennsylvania, Lake Country was asked to work with PEMEX, the national oil company of Mexico, in the heavy oil region of Veracruz Province. In addition Lake Country has operated in the Magdelena River Basin in Central Columbia.

Over the last decade, Lake Country has developed a unique niche in produced and flow back water treatment and consistently demonstrated and ability to produce crystal clear, organic free brines from some of the nastiest energy industry waste waters.

Lake Country has been awarded two US patents and has multiple pending patents for waste water treatment and also oil recovery from waste waters.

Lake Country has corporate offices and manufacturing operations in Upstate New York not far from Buffalo with field offices in Northern New Mexico and Northern Pennsylvania.

Lake Country