Company Overview

Eau Resources intends to implement technologies that bring significant value when effectively applied to the energy and mining industries and to further expand this expertise into synergistic markets.

Eau Resources uses a licensed technology (OXI-PEF) to remove organic and inorganic constituents in waste water. This process conditions a range of wastewater sources for ecological reintroduction into the environment in near-closed-loop conditions.

The technological has proven itself under extreme conditions whilst providing the additional opportunities of distressed oil recovery and bacteria mitigation.

Our initial strategy is to aggressively push for widespread commercial adoption by addressing the biggest byproduct and cost of the hydraulic fracturing and natural gas industries.

We believe Eau Resorces is capable of realizing the full potential of creating a more scalable business by productizing the OXI-PEF process for similar applications in agricultural, desalination, precious materials, municipal and disaster relief scenarios.

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Company Information

Eau Resources LLC
4000 Monroe Rd
Farmington, NM, 87401
United States
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Main: 480-425-4290
Business Hours: Monday through Friday from 9:00am through 5:00pm (MST)


17m BBL+ of dirty water produced daily in the Permian Basin of West Texas and New Mexico.
Misuse of precious fresh water at 10-13 million gallons for over 1,000,000 fracking wells in operation throughout the United States.

Costs up to $4 per barrel for acquisition and disposal of produced water by truck.
$9 Billion of new investment required to create 1,000 new injection disposal wells over the next decade.
Limited livestock waste control resulting in proliferation and contamination of ground-water supplies.
Need for mobile and right-sized water treatment facilities in both disaster areas as well as extreme rural and developing countries.


Eau Resources has demonstrated the capability to economically treat flowback and produced water to a quality suitable for reuse in agriculture at approximately 70% recovery.
Benefit from new state laws allowing fracking wastewater to be treated and reused for other applications, including farmland irriigation or even returned to drinking water supplies!
Develop cost effective solutions for high volume requirements in the 20,000 bbl per day range, where our technology is able to provide cleaner water often at half the cost of our competitors.
Adapt our system to address the phosphate and potassium challenges found in typical settling pond scenarios, allowing up-front contaminant mitigation and reduced risk to both the farmer and community.
Create opportunities with tribal entities to implement the technology for recovery of 100% of production water from wells located on tribal lands. Provide additional water supplies to the communities, foster strong relationships with tribes, farmers and the community.