Compact, Modular
Mobile System

Eau Resources LLC has developed a patented water treatment process that allows drilling and fracking operations to be true, closed-loop water-usage cycle operations.

Instead of using millions of gallons of fresh water typically consumed by fracking operations, our closed-loop process can support the needs of fracking and drilling operations with a fraction of the required water.

Our system is low cost, modular and easily transportable with minimal environmental impact.

It can be sized to handle a variety of workloads from a single standard semi-trailer sized processing unit. This allows our teams to mobilize a system and place it wherever its needed for both short-term and long-term solutions.

At the heart of our technology is the patented
OXI-PEF Treatment System.

The system has been successfully implemented under production conditions in the San Juan Basin

The patented OXI-PEF (Oxidation, precipitation, extraction, filtration) process consists of a proprietary ozone gas infusion and chemical regimen. 

Removes Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) to non detectable levels.
Typical problematic soluble metals (like iron) to less than 1 PPM.
Suspended solids to non detectable levels.

This technology treats any oil field waste water including low suspended solids produced water, frac flowback water, high solids waste waters including waste drilling mud and waters typically rejected at salt water disposal wells.

This technology produces crystal clear, sterile brine free of any hydrocarbons and a dewatered solid waste which is landfill ready.

This technology also mitigates the human health risks associated with the presence of hydrogen sulfide gas dissolved in the fluids as well as the presence of dissolved and or entrained hydrocarbons which would otherwise produce a high LEL hazard at the water management sites where it has been applied.

The absence of bacteria in the process effluent allows for better water storage management as well as significant reductions or elimination of hazardous bacteria control agents historically necessary for use in hydrofracturing operations.

The technology has been in commercial operation in the San Juan Basin at sustained rates of 14,000 BBLS per day. The systems can be adapted to any environment, footprint and scale of operations.


Our one system design can be adapted to other ancillary treatments with minimal reconfiguration. It means that additional treatment regimens can be added at modest incremental costs, dependent on site specific logistics, process parameters and client's requirements.

Oil Recovery

Oil Recovery

Our continuous oil recovery process utilizes a blend of environmentally friendly surfactants to break down emulsions and paraffins.

In Close Loop Cleaning

Oil Recovery

The process may also be used to clean oil, paraffin & flowback associated sludge deposits from the inside of frac tanks.

Bacteria Control

Oil Recovery

We use a nano bubble ozone system to disinfect the treated water. The ozone treatment kills all bacteria leaving only filterable inorganic constituents.

Reverse Osmosis

Oil Recovery

This technology completes the OXI-PEF process through reverse osmosis treatment for the production of near drinking water quality water.

Barium Removal

Oil Recovery

Patented Barium Removal Process from produced water at the well head resulting in concentrations in the thousands of PPM down to drinking water standards.

H2S Mitigation

Oil Recovery

Our technology eliminates the problems associated with the introduction of bacteria generated hydrogen sulfide into salt water disposal wells.

Treatment of Animal Waste

Treatment of Animal Waste

​This technology provides for the removal of essentially all phosphorous and a significant portion of the nitrogen nutrients from liquid animal manure.

PFAS Contaminant Treatment

Oil Recovery

Our system can be adapted to remove PFAS contaminants from water using a low-cost, safe and environmentally friendly method.

Benefits of our System

Implementation of the Eau Resources process has a positive financial and environmental impact.

Significant reduction in cost of operations

Reduces wastewater disposal costs, water supply costs, and transportation costs.

Reduces the need for fresh water on site

Reduced impact on local municipal water supplies.

Reduction in the volume of wastewater

Treated flowback and production water from one well can be readily recycled and blended for use in a proximate well. Only solids from drybox are sent offsite for disposal.

Inexpensive filtration process

Does not require substantial amounts of energy like other processes that remove salts - i.e distillation.

Reduced truck traffic on public roads

Less fresh and waste water hauled means lower impact on public roads, noise and air quality.

No additional treatment required

Once our process is complete no further treatment is required where additional processing such as reverse osmosis is proposed.

Problematic flowback and production water

Typically prohibited from disposal in SWD wells may be readily disposed of in conventional SWD wells in lieu of solidification.

Other problematic source waters

Our treatment of recovered SWD well waters and other problematic source waters which may otherwise be unacceptable for re-use can readily be used for hydrofracturing.
Your employment of this technology would make a huge statement of your leadership in terms of environmental conservation and corporate responsibility by preserving our most valuable natural resource... WATER.

Cost Saving

Typically in the range of up to 40% in the 10,000 to 50,000 bbl/day capacity range.
2,500 BBL
10,000 BBL
50,000 BBL

& Industries

Our initial focus is on water treatment in the oilfield services industry. However, our expertise extends well beyond the oil and gas sectors. With minimal adaptation we can integrate the technology into industries with similar water treatment needs.

water treatment solutions for the agriculture industry


Processing livestock waste to reduce proliferation and contamination of ground-water supplies with resultant high-levels of phosphates and potassium commonly found at farms. Additional applications include pesticide run-off control, recycling of bio-solids and bacteria control.

water treatment solutions for the Energy industry


Treatment of source water, Frac Flowback and Produced water in the Hydraulic Fracturing industry. Oil separation, bacteria control and in-closed loop cleaning systems.

water treatment solutions for the Environmental industry


Remove existing pollutants in soil and ground water through a chemical and multi stage revere osmosis process. The end result is water that can be discharged at near drinking quality level. Chemicals used in this process are non toxic and environmentally friendly.

water treatment solutions for the Construction industry


Our system can be used to treat water to the stringent standards set by national and local regulations which establish the properties of water returned to public effluent in construction projects. Includes water used as fluid for excavation, cooling heavy machinery and drilling activities.

water treatment solutions for the Industrial industry


Technology applicable to a multitude of industrial scenarios. Automative, marine, pharmaceutical, paper, textile, electronics and waste management are just some of the industries that can benefit. The low cost nature of our technology contributes to the feasibility of large scale industrial projects.

water treatment solutions for the Mining industry


Treatment of waste water can go a long way to meeting the requirements of regulators and can reduce operational costs in open cast or underground mines, bulk handling and stockyards. Applications are treatment of process water, tailing pond water, leachate and acid discharge.

water treatment solutions for the Municipal industry


Municipal water supplies are under pressure from growing populations and expanding civic boundaries. Improve the effectiveness of municipal water management programs via gray water, odor and biological control of water supplies. Non hazardous chemical regimens meet local and national regulation requirements.

water treatment solutions for the Marine industry


Wastewater generated by commercial enterprises in the food and beverage industry often carries a high biological load and is typically treated using chemicals that are toxic and expensive. We offer an environmentally friendly, low cost, high performance alternative.

Industry Experience

Eau Resources evolved out of our own need as players in the Southwest energy sector to acquire resources at rates that facilitated project feasibility. So when it comes to exploration and production economics we understand customer needs better than anyone.
Based upon the requirements defined by Delaware Shale Operators for their operations, our team has extensive familiarity with typical parameters. A treatment regimen has been prepared for consideration to directly meet these operations.
Eau Resources' processes are modular and robust so adjustments to provide additional treatment for higher standards or, alternately, less treatment for cost savings, are readily accommodated within our proposals.
Eau Resources has the capability and capacity to treat water sources identified in the Permian Basin to levels which are adequate for hydrofracturing at the very least, or for additional subsequent treatments such as reverse osmosis if required. 


Our process has been in operation in geographically diverse regions; adapted, refined and proven in some fairly unforgiving environments. Initial commercial operations are focused on the San Juan and Permian Basins.

San Juan Basin, New Mexico


Permian Basin, Texas


Veracruz, Mexico


Marcellus and Utica Shale, Ohio


Magdelena River Basin, Central Columbia