Eau Resources LLC

Intelligent Waste Water Management

Eau Resources' field operations are based out of the PetroSun / PetroSun Energy Services Four Corners regional office and yard in Farmington, New Mexico.

The corporate headquarters of Eau Resources are located in Phoenix, Arizona.

Initial commercial operations are focused on the processing of oilfield production and frac water in the San Juan Basin and Permian Basin.

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Our objective is to create an agile organization with financial and operational flexibility that is highly focused on delivering solutions for the oil/gas, mining and agriculture industries.

We bring a disruptive approach to these industries using revolutionary water purification technologies.

These types of changes are complex. We recognize the impact our solutions may have on industries and people that have established methods and operations.

While difficult to architect, our ability to achieve our objectives is supported by industry leading patented technology, extensive management experience and an energetic startup culture that brings a fresh perspective.

This strategic focus is necessary to enable Eau Resources to deliver sustainable long-term performance, supporting our ability to develop and deliver game-changing technology for our customers.

Group Overview


PetroSun, Inc

PetroSun (OTC Pink: PSUD) is a diversified energy company focused on helium production, processing and distribution; frontier oil and gas exploration and production; frac water processing.

The company holds leases in Arizona and New Mexico and owns and operates 61 oil and gas wells in San Juan, Sandoval and Rio Arriba Counties in New Mexico, twenty six miles of gas gathering midstream pipeline assets, two compressor stations and four CDP facilities.

PetroSun headquarters are in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

Torus TechWorks, Inc

Torus TechWorks, Inc. is a consortium of technology companies in the energy and oilfield services industries.

These companies have been identified by the symbiotic nature of their associated technologies and their potential to complement each other, both through further expansion into the energy industry, as well as significant, untapped opportunities in new areas such as farming and agriculture, disaster response & recovery, recreation facilities, and municipal services.

Torus TechWorks headquarters are in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

Staregic Business Units

Business Units

Collective work experience of our executive team
80 years Oil & Gas exploration
40 years developing proprietary wastewater technology
30 years servicing hydraulic fracturing sector
70 years operating in the US Southwest Energy Sector


Gordon LeBlanc, Jr.


As a third-generation member of the oil and gas industry, Mr. LeBlanc has over 40 years of experience as an oil and gas operator and geological consultant.

Mr. LeBlanc founded PetroSun, Incorporated in 2001, and was responsible for its transition into the helium industry as a major stakeholder of proven helium resources.

Mr. LeBlanc later founded TorusMed, Inc., TorusAg, Inc., TorusMed, Inc. and Torus Techworks, Inc. as wholly owned subsidiaries of PetroSun and serves in various management and director positions in these various companies.

Mr. LeBlanc has provided consulting services in the energy technology industry for the past 20 years.

Mr. LeBlanc is a Notable Alumni (’74) of Centenary College of Louisiana having majored in petroleum geology.

Timothy D. Phillips II

Vice President Operations

Mr. Phillips has 20 years experience in the Southwest energy sector having worked for leading exploration and production companies including Atlas Energy, Chesapeake Energy, Gulfport Energy and Halliburton Energy Services.

As co-founder of Eau Resources, Mr. Phillips is credited as one of the inventors of the company’s proprietary water purification technology.

Mr. Phillips brings vast operational expertise to Eau Resources having held senior positions throughout his career as E&P Manager, Completion Manager, Drilling Operations Manager and Cement Service Lead, with responsibilities for oversight and management of field exploration and development, field staff, identification of drilling prospects, day to day vertical and horizontal drilling operations, pipeline operations and economic development of primary and secondary reserves.

Whilst at Gulfport Energy Mr. Phillips was instrumental in the design of frac/flowback water logistics and pioneered the utilization of Polypipe & Poseidon tanks.

Mr. Phillips currently serves as the E&P Manager for M&M Production and Operation, responsible for oversight of 61 producing wells, 11 separate oil & gas fields and the company's 26 mile gas pipeline in the San Juan Basin.

Prior to his career in the energy sector, Mr. Philips served in the United States Navy for 4 years. He holds a number of supervisory and well drilling certifications and received a B.S.M.E - United States Navy, 1998-2001.

Lea Phillips

Business Development & Regulatory Manager

After serving in the US Navy from 1998 - 2001, Mrs. Phillips moved directly into the Oil & Gas industry when she joined Protocom Consulting as Upstream Consultant specializing in domestic and international extractions. Mrs. Phillips worked in a multitude of consultation capacities and had the opportunity to serve the United Nations as well as independent oil and gas operators.

In 2008 Mrs. Phillips and husband Timothy D Phillips II founded their own company, TP Consulting, leveraging their extensive network of contacts in the oil and gas industry to meet the need for a continual flow of upstream information and data in the industry.

As a lifelong Four Corners resident Mrs. Phillips personal passion is to help the San Juan Basin flourish as an energy region where public, private, government and tribal entities come together to work as a team, and create synergy in harnessing the vast energy sources available in the area.

Mrs. Philips has received numerous awards and certifications whilst serving in the US Navy and through her activities in the Four Corners energy sector, notably the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) Woman of The Year Upstream Oil & Gas Southwest Region , 2013-2016.

Mrs. Phillips received a BS degree in Computer Science Technology from Jacksonville University, 1997 - 2001, and is an alumni of the US Navy Graduate School - "A" ABH/CSP, OSHA, FMCSA, FAA, 1998 – 2001.

Frank Miller

Chief Technology Officer

Frank Miller has nearly 40 years of experience in power, food and chemical processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, pulp and paper manufacturing, and consulting engineering design.

This experience has included such diverse processes as reactor-based systems, filtration systems, distillation, heat transfer equipment, thermal storage equipment, concentrated solar power generating stations, cryogenic refrigeration systems, centrifuges, scrubbers, piping, storage systems, compressor and air handling systems, paper machines, film finishing, and packaging.

Mr. Miller’s clients have include Eastman Kodak, Xerox, Mead Westvaco, E.I. DuPont, Pittsburgh Steel, Corning Glass and many others.

Mr. Miller also holds multiple utility and pending patents in the industrial, agricultural and energy production water treatment industries.

Steve Addleman

Director R&D

Steve Addleman has held management positions in the dairy processing industry for more than 20 years.

His experience in food and beverage dates back to 1994 when he founded a winery in Pennsylvania. It was during this time that Mr. Addleman was introduced to using ozone for sanitizing and other applications that require high levels of oxidation.

Mr. Addleman has been working with Frank Miller since 2009 to develop technologies in the oil and gas industry and has a number of patents to his name.

Mr. Addleman has applied his expertise to projects located throughout the United States as well as Mexico, Columbia and Australia - the latter where he worked on projects to do with oxidizing coal mine drainage; iron and manganese. He presented and published a paper on this topic at the IWA World Congress in 2017.

Steve Addleman is from Southwestern Pennsylvania and graduated from Indiana University with a degree in General Business Management. He has an MBA from the University of Maryland.

in the Southwest

Eau Resources operates out of its headquarters located in Phoenix, Arizona. Field operations are in Farmington, New Mexico.


2999 North 44th Street, Suite 620
Phoenix, Arizona, 85018
United States

Field Office

4000 Monroe Rd
Farmington, NM, 87401
United States

Operational Activities

Initial area of operations is in the San Juan and Permian Basins

Sustainability Initiatives

We offer product and services that make smart use of one of the worlds most important resources: Water.

Our focus is the hydrofracturing, natural gas and mining sectors. Water is a key commodity to these industries and yet they operate in some of the driest regions of the world. We enable these industries to reduce their dependence on fresh water by processing raw waste and recycling contaminated water in their ongoing operations.

It is our mission to reduce the cost of treated water in these industries to the extent that it precipitates a fundamental shift towards cleaner energy production.

Our unique, patented technology produces reusable effluents that are cheaper and substantially cleaner than alternatives used in the energy industry. Combined with the ancillary benefits of oil reclamation, bacteria control and in-situ tank cleaning, this process increases the incentive to reuse waste and reduce dependence on evaporator ponds, SWD wells and truck disposal.


Ensuring fair distribution of resources and conserving them for future generations are crucial challenges for our communities. Our direct contribution is to reduce the impact on local municipalities water supplies.

San Juan Basin Loyalty

Eau Resources develops deep roots in local communities through the services we provide. Our field operations in the San Juan basin have empirically demonstrated how our business plays a direct part in people’s everyday lives:

Utilize all local human resources for operations.
Engage multiple local and regional companies as business partners, suppliers and sub contractors.
Custom operations and local relationships to meet requirements.

Health and Safety

The safety of our employees, clients and partners is Eau Resources's primary concern.

We strongly believe in making our employees aware of the sources of danger, safety rules and regulations.

We insist that all employees:

Follow all safety rules and regulations applicable to their position
Conform to safe working practices.
Commit to completing safety-related training programs.

We believe that everyone has a part to play in the chain of responsibility. We encourage employees to incorporate health and safety principles in everything they do and to learn to detect behavior which presents risk.