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SBU's and Group Overview

What We Do

Eau Resources LLC provides environmentally safe and cost-effective wastewater management solutions to the oil and gas, mining and agriculture industries.

Our patented OXI-PEF technology is effective in removing organic and inorganic constituents from contaminated influent, reintroducing treated water back into the environment in near-closed-loop conditions, at levels suitable for agricultural reuse.

The modular design can easily be transported and customized to each site - scalable from temporary mobile installations to high volume customer demands.

The net result is a highly efficient treatment system that improves project economics, meets the concerns of regulators and the public whilst sustaining one of our most valuable natural resources.

One System

Our core system is able to extract and recycle water from raw waste previously considered a complete loss.

Many Benefits

Water cleaning
Oil separation
Bacteria control
In-closed loop tank cleaning onsite

A Product with
Real impact

We think there are a number of compelling reasons why signing up with us makes economic sense and gives you the tools to meet regulatory and sustainability objectives.

Cost Saving benefits

Producers benefit by eliminating their water waste product, converting it to a commodity which will change the feasibility of pending exploration and development projects:
Expected savings of up to 40%.
Far Less waste sent to deep wells, evaporation ponds and trucks.
Treated water can be reused on subsequent projects.

Corporate Responsibility

Public perception of the hydraulic fracturing industry would benefit from the reduction in utilization of SWD wells and improved water resource management:
Ecologically stable water that can be reintroduced into the environment.
Often cleaner than it was prior to the start of operations.
An order of magnitude cleaner than alternatives used throughout the energy industry.
Conservation ties in with progressive corporate governance.

Case Study
San Juan Basin

Eau Resources demonstrated the capability of the OXI-PEF system to treat highly contaminated influent under extreme weather conditions.

The project highlights the economic benefits of eliminating wastewater, or at the very least, a product that is difficult to re-use; converting it to a commodity that can change the feasibility of pending projects.

The value extends beyond economic aspects. Our activities in the San Juan Basin have played a direct role in people's lives in these communities, benefiting from better management of water resources.

Who Wins

The State of New Mexico
The Oil and Gas Industry
The Farming and Agriculture Industry
The Native American Tribes of the Southwest
Case Study San Juan Basin Operations

News Stories

Visit our news page to stay up to date on the latest stories, press releases and events as Eau Resources continues its mission to disrupt wastewater treatment in the energy sector.
The State of New Mexico's produced water legislation.
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Patent Approved
Patent for gas and oil well waste water treatment  A method for treating wastewater is disclosed. The method is useful in particular for treating wastewater that is generated from the process [... more]
Fracking Wastewater Problem
The average frack job now consumes 13 million gallons (49 million liters), up 40 percent in two years, according to a Reuters analysis of Permian producer data. While U.S. oil production has [... more]


Our technology is well established in the energy sector, implemented by industry leading conglomerates and validated by US Administrative Department.
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